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Sweet notes trickle down

like soft rain on petals

dripping from the strings

In a cascade of sound

to pool in my senses.

As strings vibrate

chords shower in waves,

overlapping and harmonising

to form a choral tide

sweeping me along.

As the music builds

and thunders to a storm

it carries me aloft

to ride on the dark clouds

pregnant with euphony.

Then a rainbow of tones,

changing colour through the spectrum,

delights with its beauty

until it quietly fades

leaving me with the gold.


Bathed in moonlight we were standing

watching white surf kiss the shore.

Always you have been my passion,

I could never love you more.

Never had you indicated

any sign of love returned.

Ever had I feared the danger

telling you and being spurned.

Then you touched me in the moonglow,

eyes met eyes and couldn't part.

I saw then, love's dart had broken

through the firewall of your heart.


Against the floral fabric,

carpet of many hues,

nacre of dewdrops glint

on symmetry of silk,

exquisite gossamer.

Motionless the huntress

waits calmly for her prey,

death disguised as beauty,

sinister subterfuge

of the arch deceiver.


I watched him as he paced the cage

up and down, up and down,

boredom and disinterest

shadowed in his eyes.

My heart was crying, crying for him

in his prison pacing, pacing.

He must have died a thousand deaths

behind those soulless bars.

Far off woods and mountains beckoned

calling, calling from his young days.

meadow songs faint echoed from

beyond his prison walls.

Dull eyes followed as I left him.

Did he sense my heart  was wringing?

Even yet his torment tears me,

bear behind the bars.


When arbors shed a golden shower

and blushing trees shed leaves,

they flutter gently from their bough

to lie in crunchy sheaves.

Autumn regally takes reign

as Summer abdicates.

Migrant birds take wing again,

fly northward with their mates.

The breath of day is cooler now,

Sol starts his journey north.

Summer blooms no longer flower

as cold winds issue forth.

For those of us in southern climes

beneath the Southern Cross,

we must prepare for colder times

when Winter is the boss.

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